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 Abstract art,  wall art


Add an instant uplifting mood with a colorful  and welcoming abstract in a multi-color pallet with a light-blue background. 

Spring Fever / JAM20290

Purple Rain / JAM20847

Spring Water
A graceful veil of movement and refinement in soft shades of light blue, aqua, gray, white and lavender highlights.

Out Of The Blue / JAM20230

Opening Night 

Retro-Chic geometrics bring an abstract vibe in modern hues of Gray, charcoal, white and metalic gold. 

Restless Charm / JAM20250

Beach dwellers can sense the salt air and sounds of crashing waves in this soothing seascape in a sea-glass pallet of pale teal, turquoise and white.

Tango Tobias  
A Sea Glass tinted delicate geometic abstract in well-blended tones of soft aqua, gray and white.  

Open Mind / JAM20837

Under The Sea  / JAM20460

Opal Waters 

A delicate Abstract redefining the beauty of the reflected sky within the sea in metro-chic hues of pale blues, grays, and a highlight of soft fuchia.   

Sundance / JAM20420

Three Wishes / JAM20430

Three Wishes  
Pale sea-glass skies with a spray of  three special clouds shadow tranquil waters in pale aqua, white and seafoam. 

Spring Flowers / JAM20285


A lineal abstract featuring stacked geometrics in cool shades of blues and grays, white and pale blush. 

Tropical Bliss  / JAM20481 

Time And Space / JAM20440

Sea Breeze / JAM20255

Tango Tobias  / JAM20424

Roseland / JAM20455

Summer Rain / JAM20861

Sapphire Ice

A dramatic lineal abstract adding sophistication and refinement. Featuring hues of cool blues, deep teal and white.

A misty coastal contemplation in subtle blends of pale blue, faded seafoam, fog and white. 

Collection - 3

On A Clear Day / JAM20835

A vibrant abstract inspired by views under the sea in deep sea blue, cobalt blue, burgundy and white.

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Palomino / JAM20183

Perfect Storm 

Add soothing calm with a tranquil seascape under changing skies in shades a pale gray, pale blue, hues of blush, gray and white.

Point Of View 

A sophisticated abstract bringing a global view of timeless moments in deep blue, burnished gold, bronze and white.

Tres Chic  
A deco inspired abstract geometric in a sophiscticated pallet of taupe, beige, gray and white. 

Opal Waters  / JAM20220

Room With A View

Add instant calm with this soothing view of a tropical vacation featuring soft ocean blue tones, gray white and golden and leaf colors. 

Spring Flowers 
A playful abstract bringing a full bloom in soft teal, blues, aqua, yellow and white.   

Opening Night  / JAM20225

Tranquil Travels  / JAM20445


A subtle abstract featuring a delicate floral in soft blues, pale aqua, fuchsia and beige. 

Star Light 
Refined Blue & White impressionistic artistic movement replicates embers of the the night's sky in midnight, gray and white.  

Summer Daze / JAM20418

On A Clear Day

A contemporary coastal view brings clarity and tranquility to the new day. This rendering features a soft and cool pallet in pale blue, aqua, gray and white. 

Rain / JAM20245

An elegant soothing seascape depicting a vision of a relaxing afternoon. This work features a color pallet in a pale sky blue, light grey, deep aqua and blush. 

Room With A View / JAM20851

Tropical Mist  / JAM20436

Tranquil Travels   
A Sea Glass tinted delicate coastal abstract in well-blended tones of soft aqua, gray and white.  

Sorbet / JAM20859

Pool  Side 

A simplistic abstract brings sophistication with this subtle lineal work featuring deep aqua, copper, pale gray on a white-washed background. 

Summer Rain 
A delicate abstract of a summer  mist in a gentle color pallet of pale gray, light blue, aqua, yellow, pink and white. 

Padington / JAM20839

Time And Space  
A refined geometric abstract that makes a subtle statement in cool shades of midnight, sky blue, gray and white.

Star Light / JAM20414

Tropical Mist  
A delicate abstract color block in tropical turquoise, teal, gray and white. .  

Out Of The Blue 
An elegant and subtle seascape bringing sudden clarity, where before, there was only fog and uncertainty. Color pallet features sky blue, gray and white. 

Pool Side / JAM20845

Tropical Bliss
​A Sea Glass tinted delicate coastal abstract in well-blended tones of soft aqua, gray and white. 

Spring Fever 
An exceptional laced abstract depicting springs first blooms of the season in deep teal, turquoise, periwinkle and blush. 

Tres Chic  / JAM20450

Seaside / JAM20260

Radiance  / JAM20849

Snow Peacock / JAM20270

Purple Rain  

Add intrigue with this abstract which captures a splash in motion. The work features a cool pallet in deep turquoise, teal, aqua, plum and white. .

Star Fire
Refined Blue & White impressionistic artistic movement replicates embers of the the night's sky in shades of midnight, gray and white. 

Tango Haley 
A contemporary geometric abstract in neutral colors with charcoal outlines around beige, gray and white.

Time Will Tell   
A well balanced geometic abstract in echos of pale shades of blue, gray and white.  

Summer Daze 
A gentle floral abstract bringing a summer field into view. Featuring a pallet in sky blue, pink, aqua, turquoise and white.   

Sapphire Ice / JAM20855

Phantom  / JAM20235

Splash / JAM20280

Restless Charm  

The simplistic elegance of a dreamy seascape in monochromatic pale blue-gray and white.

An urban-chic lineal abstract featuring silver-blue, gray, charcoal , white and gold highlights.


Spring Water / JAM20275


A dramatic Abstract with a jungle vibe in beige, bone, brown and grey, almost reminiscent to an animal print.   

Time Will Tell  / JAM20475


Add instant sophistication with this urban-chic abstract featuring hues of warm shades of beige, golden chestnut and white. 

Open Mind

Add instant sophistication with this refined lineal abstract featuring a background in warm gray, light blue, cobalt, a hint of leaf green and white.


This timeless abstract features overcast skies in delicate grays and white punctuated with a metalic horizon in bronze and burnished gold.  

Perfect Storm  / JAM20843

Party / JAM20841

Sea Breeze

A contemporary impressionistic Seascape featuring the simplicity of a beige sky against subtle soft gray-blue waters.

Under The Sea  
An enchanted rendition of beauty under-the-sea featuring misty turquioise, deep teal, gray, pale lime and white.


Star Fire / JAM20400

Tango Haley  / JAM20863

Urban Edge  
An artfully urban abstract featuring chiseled geometric shapes in shades of gray, white and cinnabar.

Snow Peacock 
An urban chic abstract depicting subtle oval orbs in white and gray encapsulating teal, blue and golden feather colors against a textured gray-blue background.  

Tropical Mist 

Urban Edge   / JAM20869

Willow / JAM20880

Point Of View / JAM20240


The Artist takes perspective to new heights. “Phantom" takes a look into planetary skies where uncharted territory proves the ultimate lure.