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As an alternative to the ONE-AND-DONE concept of a single large painting on the wall, consider pairing two or more art pieces together. You may discover the "mixing and matching" adds inspiring intrigue to the room and opportunity for creativity. 

One large painting certainly makes a statement; although, it's fairly common. Adding multiple, well-coordinated, art to your walls delivers the "unexpected"  with personalized expression. 

You also may be surprised to discover how well Abstracts and Seascapes coordinate! 

Top designers use wall space as an empty ​canvas to build the room around it.  Developing a themed art mix, in appropriate colors and textures, enhances the design with drama, relaxation and intrigue; the possibilities are endless.  Explore your design creativity by pairing multiple paintings in similar dimensions; or, mix it up with different sizes. 

In addition, if you decide to refresh the look, simply move the art around to different rooms and pair with something else for an entirely NEW look. 

This concept takes design to the next level with freedom to explore your artistic perspective. Luxury home decor in a magazine or showroom appears polished and welcoming, in part, because the design delivers an eclectic and balanced variety including the art on the walls. A great way to begin is by co-mingling refined abstracts with soothing seascapes to transform the wall into a story rather than just a backdrop.  From tonal looks to bold pops of color, mixing and matching brings rewarding results. 

The only rule of thumb is to be mindful to coordinate colors in the room with the art. However, if you have a neutral setting, consider a pop of color to introduce a focus; or, maintain the mono-chromatic style - it's a matter of personal preference.  Ultimately, enhancing home decor aesthetics with the refinement of paired art provides unlimited design possibilities. 

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