Her modern art focus includes a versatile collection of Abstract, Geometric and Coastal works.  She enjoys experimenting with mixed media and unique art techniques to create modern tranquility.  It seems her creativity and dedication paid off as her art caught the attention of art publishers and major home decor retailers.  When asked what makes her art stand out, she stated, "In a word INSPIRATION. My focus on tranquility and blended abstract style enhances room design with serenity. My versatile collections are a unique blend of color and composition intended to create a relaxed vibe.  Creating art is my Zen; it keeps me inspired and connected to my mom's legacy."


MODERN Tranquility 

Lori Dubois recalls her greatest art influence was her mom, ​who was a talented New York mural artisan. The artist describes her mentor as artfully creative and ahead of her time.  Her mother's artistic view of nature provided Dubois with a keen eye and awareness of surrounding beauty.

Dubois later applied her artistic DNA to a career in marketing, graphic art and web design at a major electronic giant in New Jersey.  In the next chapter, a passion for the shoreline called her to the New England coast where she returned to her painting roots and rekindled a connection to art and nature.

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​Signature Collections​

Her awarded works have been jurored by highly renowned museum curators and displayed at esteemed venues, galleries and institutions. 

Today, her art prints are curated for home decor and interior design by luxury home furnishings manufacturers, major retailers and leading publishers and distributors of print-on-demand fine art giclees. 


Curated Art  & Interior Design 

Lori Dubois Art, LLC 

Blue Art, #Blue, #abstract art, #wall art, #Dubois Art



Dubois' collections provide a tranquil backdrop, and focal point, to enhance contemporary design with a calming essence.  

Versatile Abstracts to suit eclectic designs and style preferences. 

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